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Online & Blended Learning Solutions

“Everyone learns differently, and by utilizing different methodologies we have the greatest chance of ensuring successful skills transfer”


At Platinum we believe in taking advantage of all the opportunities that technology provides.  From a training perspective this means being open to remote solutions, self-paced online learning, and high-quality video content.  

Blended Learning

For many topics, blended learning represents the optimal method of learning transference. Blended learning means combining self-study with live sessions, and can take various forms. Pre-training assignments could include reading, video (either generic or custom-made), online surveys or quizzes - anything that the learner can complete at their own pace. Post-training assignments could include regular online follow-ups, refresher sessions, tests, further reading - anything to reinforce skill transference at the learners own pace.

Combining these elements with live sessions, either in the classroom or virtually, can give everyone the opportunity to learn more effectively.

Online Programs and Learning Management Systems

At Platinum we have considerable experience of designing and implementing online courses, either as stand-alone programs or part of blended learning programs.  We have worked with many Learning Management Systems, and are well-equipped to work with your team to make custom online programs.  If you don’t have an online Learning Management System, we can work with you to choose the most suitable and set it up in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Custom Video Content

Video can be an integral part of any online or blended training program, adding impact to key learning points.  However, it is hard to find the right content of your program.  At Platinum we have the capability to produce high-quality custom video content that directly addresses client training needs.  Video content can be made as stand-alone, or as part of an integrated training solution.

For information on any of the above and much more please contact us at Platinum Training Consultants.


We have used Platinum Training Consultants to help develop our Japanese employees cross-cultural communication skills. We needed our staff to be more active in global discussions, problem solving and decision-making.Platinum Training Consultants has improved skill sets in areas such as, cross-cultural negotiations, presentations and conflict management, therefore I highly recommend Platinum. Platinum training is professional, fun, interactive and useful for employees at all levels.

Mikkel Troen, Senior Finance Manager, Lundbeck Japan

At Bluecoat we retained Platinum Training Consultants to help us address a number of communication issues. In particular, cultural gaps between Japanese and overseas staff, in areas such as meeting protocol, negotiations and conflict management. Platinum Training Consultants solutions were tailored specifically to the needs of our teams. The hands-on nature of their sessions enabled our staff to learn, practice and quickly implement key skills, which brought clear and significant benefits to our company. We plan to continue using their services and would recommend them without hesitation.

Matt Bennet, Blue Coat Systems, Asia Pacific Vice President