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HR Learning & Development Support

"The overall purpose of developing people is to enable them to contribute to organizational goals. If employee development and organizational development are not closely linked, there is little chance of success"


We offer focussed HR Learning and Development support. Using scientific based tools we can help you build a new learning and development system or support in improving existing processes.

Competency Framework

Using advanced tools such Richard C. Grote’s Master Performer process we can help you build better competency frameworks.

Skill Gap Mapping

Using scientific based skill gap mapping we can help you build systems that better identify behaviour and skill gaps.

Employee Skill and Behaviour Tracking

We can significantly improve your employee post-training skill and behaviour tracking development processes by introducing you to models such as Kirkpatrick’s 4-Level Training Evaluation model.

Train The Trainer

We offer a highly advanced Train-the-Trainer program. Upon completing this program your internal trainers will be able to define employee behaviours, skill map, skill track and deliver classroom, OJT and online training programs.

HR Support

We can support in running internal HR workshops on areas such discrimination and harassment prevention.

Internal Interviewing Skills

We can help support and build better candidate interviewing skills through our behavioural-based interviewing techniques program.

For information on any of the above and much more please contact us at Platinum Training Consultants.


Platinum came recommended to us by one of our Board Members, and it turned out to be a great recommendation. Andy and Paul are great to work with, very flexible in how they customize both the content and the approach to the workshops we have done with them. We have been taking on the very ambitious project of creating a new organization-wide training program, and they have been helpful and knowledgeable partners in making that happen.

Cory McGowan, Organisational Development Manager, Tokyo American Club